Cultivation Facilities –

Arizona –

Location: Holbrook
Whole Facility: 25,000 ft² (expanding to 100,000 ft² )

Nevada –

Location: Las Vegas
Whole Facility: 17,000 ft²

Location: Amargosa Valley
Processing Facility: 4,000 ft²
Grow Space: 170,000 ft² (expanding to 400,000 ft² )

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California –

Location: Salinas
Whole Facility: 110,000 ft² (expandable up to 270,000 ft²)

Connecticut –

Location: Simsbury
Whole Facility: 40,000 ft²

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Location: Homestead
Whole Facility: 25,000 ft²

Location: Mount Dora
Whole Facility: 90,000 ft² (expanding to 250,000 ft² )

Illinois –

Location: Chambersburg (Grassroots Acquisition)
Whole Facility: 75,000 ft²

New York –

Exterior of the building where PalliaTech NY, a medical marijuana manufacturer, will be operating their business at the Coeymans Industrial Park on Thursday, March 22, 2018 in Ravena, N.Y. They expect to open
Albany County

Location: Albany County
Whole Facility: 72,000 ft²

Location: Ravena
Whole Facility: 86,000 ft²

Maine –

Location: Ellsworth
Whole Facility: 30,000 ft²

Maryland –

Location: Frederick
Processing Facility: 1,000 ft²
Grow space: 21,000 ft² (expanding to 48,000 ft²)

Massachusetts –


Location: Webster
Whole Facility: 54,000 ft² (expandable to 104,000 ft² )

New Jersey –

Location: Southern New Jersey
Whole Facility: 100,000 ft² (expanding up to 450,000 ft² )

Location: Bellmawr
Whole Facility: 34,000 ft²

Ohio –


Location: Johnstown
Processing Facility: 7,500 ft²
Grow space: 15,000 ft²

Pennsylvania –

Location: King of Prussia
Whole Facility: 49,200 ft²