It’s a beautiful and awe-striking thing: for the first 25 years of my activist career we were mostly laughed at or ignored; now it seems like almost every country in the world wants to legalize at the same time!

For all those that have lost their jobs, or are having trouble finding jobs, due to prior #cannabis use—Curaleaf is hiring!

We have plenty of open roles for talented, enthusiastic team members around the country:

Since #marijuana is trending, did you know the explicit goal of cannabis prohibition wasn't public health, it was to criminalize what Harry Anslinger, the grandfather of modern drug enforcement, referred to as the "degenerate races"?

Say What???: •Dozens of young White House staffers have been suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program due to past #cannabis use -Daily Beast

Our flagship facility is a 400,000 square-foot high tech greenhouse where our team of dedicated #cannabisexperts grow high-quality plants that go on to become reliable and consistent products for our customers.

Have you been paying attention to the interest in the #cannabis industry of late?

I'll be on @SquawkStreet this morning at 10:10am ET to talk more about this & the future of the industry.

Looking forward to it, @davidfaber @MorganLBrennan @carlquintanilla.👍 $CURA $CURLF

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